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Unpublishing Your Products on Xamagos

To unpublish a product on Xamagos, the first step is to visit, or download and install the Xamagos mobile app on your device.


Step 1: Login to Your Xamagos Account

You must first log in to your Xamagos account. If you don't have an account, you can create one by clicking the Sign Up button to set up your store.


Step 2: Manage Your Store

Once you're logged in, you will be redirected to your dashboard. From there, click on "Manage Store".


Step 3: Access Your Store

On the manage store page, click on the name of the store you want to manage. You will be redirected to your store dashboard.


Step 4: Products Management

On the store dashboard, click on the Products link. You will be redirected to the products management page.


Step 5: View Products

On the products management page, click on View Products, you will be redirected to your products listings page (My Products).


Step 5: Go to Published

  1. Locate the products you want to publish by clicking on the eye icon next to the "Published" label.
  2. Click on the icon with an x in a circle associated with the product you wish to unpublish.
  3. You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog box. Click on Yes to unpublish the product. To cancel, click on No.
  4. The product is now unpublished and unavailable on Xamagos.



Current: Unpublishing Your Products on Xamagos